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GSAPP Space Studio IV Student Bryna Anderson wins SHIFTBoston Competition

Posted in General Architecture by michaelwalch on 3 November, 2010

Congratulations to Bryna Anderson who won the SHIFTboston Moon Capital Competition with her proposal for a power-generating moon colony.  Bryna’s design is informed by research into solar energy generation, microwave energy transmission, artificial gravity, and Bioshpere-II-like climate constructions.

Bryna produced the project in Spring 2010 at Columbia GSAPP for Yoshiko Sato’s Space Studio IV: Lunar Habitation, for which I was a T.A.  A few students from this studio submitted for this competition, all with very sophisticated research and designs – a job well done to you all!


GSAPP End of Year Show

Posted in General Architecture by michaelwalch on 13 May, 2010

Come to the GSAPP End of Year Show, opening this Saturday, May 15th, at 5:00pm.  What I’m involved in: Capacitive Architecture will have an installation on the 3rd floor mezzanine of Avery Hall.  My studio this semester has an awesome exhibit in Buell Hall, East Gallery.  I TA’d for Space Studio which is on the 4th floor of Avery.  The opening is great – busy, and with food and drinks.  You can see the show for the week following the opening.

Hope to see you there!