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GSAPP Space Studio IV Student Bryna Anderson wins SHIFTBoston Competition

Posted in General Architecture by michaelwalch on 3 November, 2010

Congratulations to Bryna Anderson who won the SHIFTboston Moon Capital Competition with her proposal for a power-generating moon colony.  Bryna’s design is informed by research into solar energy generation, microwave energy transmission, artificial gravity, and Bioshpere-II-like climate constructions.

Bryna produced the project in Spring 2010 at Columbia GSAPP for Yoshiko Sato’s Space Studio IV: Lunar Habitation, for which I was a T.A.  A few students from this studio submitted for this competition, all with very sophisticated research and designs – a job well done to you all!


Data Forest – The Jauaperi Project

Posted in Rates of Exchange: Amazon Studio by michaelwalch on 9 February, 2010

The Jauaperi Project is a collaboration between local (indigenous) people of the Xixuaú-Xiparinã Reserve, on the Rio Branco & Rio Jauaperi, northwest of Manaus and the Universidade do Amazonas to provide solar electricity, a satellite internet connection, and educational and medical services to the area, while mapping and inventorying the biodiversity and preserving the forest.  Awesome!

The satellite:

Coverage on YouTube:

The community has an extensive website at Amazonia.org.

The Solar Electric Light Fund in Washington DC provided the technology.