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Digital Tea House in January issue of Domus

Posted in Digital Tea House Project by michaelwalch on 16 February, 2011

More publication!  Thank you very much to Salvator-John Liotta and Kaon Ko for orchestrating this!

The Digital Tea House projects were featured in a two-page spread and article in the January issue of Domus.

You can read the article at Domus’ website, or of course the magazine.


Digital Tea House article on Domus Web

Posted in Digital Tea House Project by michaelwalch on 27 October, 2010

First, we at GSAPP are trying to get more creative with our project name.  I proposed calling it the Field House/Tea House in reference to the ways the programmatic attractors in Grasshopper work as weights within a field of influence, the focus within the project on the detailed treatment of various surfaces and deviations from regular components, as well as the more literal space and the way it is connected to the outdoors.  So, Field House/Tea House by GSAPP.

Now the continued exciting news: the tea house project has been written up in Domus online!  It includes lots of photos along individual descriptions of all three projects.  The text of the article is attributed to Kaon Ko (of Noiz Architects) and Salvator-John Liotta (Postdoc at University of Tokyo Department of Architecture) – both were integral to organizing the project.  Many thanks to them!  There are rumors of an article in an upcoming print issue of Domus… we’ll see!