Michael Walch

Election Results: The Print is too Damn Small

Posted in Uncategorized by michaelwalch on 3 November, 2010

I can only assume that the ballot design of the 2010 election in NYC was actually a vision test – you know Bloomberg loves those health stats!  The sans-serif print, much of it in ALL CAPS, got down to about 4pt height.  The text was completely dominated by the useless ‘icons’ of the various political parties (Democrats are represented with a star, Republicans with a bald eagle – what happened to Donkey and Elephant – although I have to admit I smiled at the Anti-Prohibition pot leaf), and the cells of the grid were taller than their width… just TRY to vote for a write-in.  Let alone the fact that if a candidate was supported by multiple parties, they actually appeared under each party’s (see previous sentence) stupid icon.

The ballot design wasn’t helped by the “poll-workers” of dubious training and the various efforts (or not) for privacy in voting… but I’ll leave that rant to the rest of the blogs.  This post, including the image, is essentially a repost of this Gothamist post.


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