Michael Walch

Digital Tea House – Another Model

Posted in Digital Tea House Project by michaelwalch on 25 July, 2010

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Photos coming, but here is the idea and the laser-cutter files.  I’m interested in exploring an idea of ‘weaving,’ translated into a structural idea which could register on the interior surfaces of the tea house.  The model I’m working on (this post is in-progress in part because the laser cutter queue at school is out of control at the moment – so hopefully I’ll get my pieces back tomorrow) is a test of a simple diagonal-grid or waffle-rib type system that could be expanded, accordion-style, to create the tea house space, and deform linear elements of the floor (see the grooves cut into the top edges of the pieces in the laser cutter file) distorting the grid system of the tatami ‘rows’ in traditional tea houses to each deployment of the system.

I think a similar approach could work its way up and over through the walls and ceiling of the tea house, defining points of connection within the structure.  The test is to see the variability of the system, and the proportion of space that I get with two (of many possible) units.  Stay tuned for the complete model and more updates.


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