Michael Walch

Final Project & Review Round-Up

Posted in Appitecture, General Architecture, Network City by michaelwalch on 13 May, 2010

My final portfolio is turned in to GSAPP.  I wasn’t able to post in the midst of the last rush to finish, so here is the recap.

Appitecture final review

(May 6)  I produced a working iPhone app!  In the last day or so leading up to the review it came together.  Based on a Wavefront OBJ importer for iPhone SDK that I found online, it loads 3d objects for viewing on the iPhone.  To make a simple augmented reality-type app, I populated a virtual space (a view in OpenGL) with a handful of objects, and overlaid it onto the iPhone camera view.  The last step was to get the compass heading and rotate the objects accordingly so that they stay in place.

Here’s a view of what it would look like:

The review was a standing jury interacting with each of our iPhone apps on working devices (the vast majority of us had working apps, and we had a bunch of iPhones and an iPad to demonstrate them).  The jury included Laura Kurgan and Sarah Williams of the GSAPP Spatial Information Design Lab, and Jeannie Kim and Craig Buckley of GSAPP.  While most of the app’s were map-based, we also had a QRCode-based website, and a team who bought a brain-wave reading headset and used it as input for a visualization in Processing.  Mine was the only AR-type app.  The discussion was really interesting – I called it the PktObjct app, a way to carry virtual objects and environments with you in your pocket – and the most interesting part was thinking through what objects you might want to take in your pocket.

Mark and Toru are interesting in continuing with anyone who wants to work on their apps – I may take them up on that!  I’m also planning on helping Chris Gee with his QRCode installation at the GSAPP End of Year Show.

Curtain Wall final review

(May 10)  Advanced Curtain Walls with Bob Heintges is an amazing class.  I designed and detailed a custom unitized curtain wall system.  The main features are a slumped, tinted (colored frit) IGU on the interior, and a monolithic outer light of glass to give the curtain wall a clean, minimal exterior and provide double-skin functionality.

Network City Final Project – Fiber-Finance Book

(May 11)  Through maps, my own writing, and even transcription of an NPR Planet Money podcast, I traced the NYSE from Wall Street to Weehawken, showing the fiber optic network of New York, the data centers it connects, and the latency in-between.  This really is the face of our economy.  In the research process, I signed up at Digital Realty Trust’s website to view their white papers – they emailed me back (from 111 8th Ave!) to follow-up, presumably to help me set up my data center – awesome!  Book available at LuLu.


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