Michael Walch

Finding Flonas

Posted in Rates of Exchange: Amazon Studio by michaelwalch on 1 February, 2010

I’ve been analyzing the Brazilian Forestry Code.  This is no simple matter.  The system of definitions provides for a variety of levels of access, protection, and extraction from the forest – much more than I thought before going into it.

Particularly interesting is the concept of Flonas – a strategy of conservation with sustainable extraction and development.  This strategy has been available since 1965, but since changes to the Forest Code in 2000, it has been proposed as an aggressive program for conservation while meeting Brazil’s timber market needs.

Unfortunately, for reasons I’ve discussed before here, the law may only be so many words on paper.  There aren’t personnel resources enough to hope to enforce the law.  The informal, conflicting declarations of ownership and the remoteness of the Amazon have lead to near-lawlessness.

Assuming the law is taken seriously, it has the potential to start a very interesting dialogue among stakeholders – ranging from small landowners to large companies – about the forest.

The flonas idea is well-described in Priority Areas for Establishing National Forests in the Brazilian Amazon online.

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