Michael Walch

Lexicon of Deforestation

Posted in Rates of Exchange: Amazon Studio by michaelwalch on 29 January, 2010

Sometimes words can be powerful on their own. As I’ve been reading through discussion of Brazil’s forestry code, here are some words I’ve picked up:

non-timber forest products
literally, “cricketing” (from grilo) – owing to the practice of fabricating false deeds and putting them in a box along with a few of these creatures, whose consumption and defecation age the papers. this is routine practice in the Amazon.
the Arc of Deforestation
a growing swath of land in the Southern and Eastern Amazon which has been deforested due to agroindustrial expansion
FSC – Forestry Stewardship Council
an international NGO which certifies forestry practices
the alternate forestry/plantation certification process adopted in Brazil, developed by industry there
sustainable-use conservation units, whose purpose is to produce goods (timber and non-timber products) while maintaining environmental services.
conflict timber (related: conflict commodity)
timber that has been traded at some point in the chain of custody by groups involved in armed conflict either to perpetuate conflict or take advantage of conflict situations for personal gain
gunpoint conservationists
“In Colombia, certain guerrilla groups actively hinder large-scale exploitation to protect the environment, using strictly enforced “gunpoint conservations,” which is maintained by landmines and the threat of violence.”

All to describe the incredible importance of the forest to both national and global economies as well as the very poor in developing countries, and the conflicts that develop from the competing interests.


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